Dental Therapy. Prices

Prices in EUR

Consultation and services

Primary oral examination

( If patient, after consultation, continue treatment,20 eur will be given as discount for dental treatment)


Oral Examination after 6 months


Dental x-ray


General Dental Treatment

Topical Anesthetics


Local Anesthetics


Local Anesthetics adding

Mandibular Anesthetics 15.00

Temporary tooth cavity closing after caries mechanical cleaning

 from 40.00

Tooth isolation with rubber-dum


Old filling removing

 from 10.00

Pulp protective material


Teeth Filling

White filling for one surface

from 45.00

White filling for two surfaces

from 80.00

Three surfaces closing in Bicuspid

from 90.00

Three surfaces closing in Molar

from 100.00

4-5 Surfaces ( Crown reconstruction with composite)

from 150.00

Laminate veneer from Composite material

from 100.00


Primary Endodonty ( Medical and mechanical treatment of root canal)
One- root canal treatment 60.00

Two- root canals treatment

Three-root canals treatment 200.00
Multiple root canals treatment 250.00
Root Canal Filling ( with permanent materials)
One root canal tooth 40.00
2-root canals tooth 80.00
3-root canals tooth 100.00
Multiple root canals tooth 150.00
Endodontic additional procedures
Endodontic intermediate sessions 30.00
One Root canal retreatment  from 150.00
Root canal screw removing 100.00
Canal perforation closing with MTA material 50.00
Pulp cupping, to protect its vitality 40.00
Internal Tooth whitening primare procedure 50.00
additional whitening procedure 15.00

Dental Therapy

The Dental Therapy is general Dentistry direction that includes diagnostics, treatment and prophilaxy of the teeth caries and non-caries lesion.

Dental Therapy includes procedures that take care of dental caries and caries complications like pulpitis, periodontitis, etc. It also provides restoration of damaged teeth, dental root treatment, elimination of  external teeth defects, professional cleaning, etc.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dentistry offers a variety of methods to solve dental problems with dental prosthetics. Technology, materials, duration of the procedures, and service prices design one complex that is right for you to ensure health for long-term period.

You can ask our prosthetist all your concerns and together with our experts we will find the right solution for you.

Dental Hygiene

The problem of gum bleeding and pain when brushing your teeth is a common issue after age of 20. Often this problem  is ignored. But this symptom is a sign of a gum disease which can lead to the loss of healthy teeth. Today gum treatment is the most popular dental procedure after the treatment of dental caries.

Regular professional hygiene provides: healthy gums, prevention of dental caries, a prerequisite of successful implantation, long-term restorations, etc.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery includes teeth extraction, jaws and teeth surgeries, implantology and everything that includes surgical intervention.

Our ComfortDent Clinic’s goal is to secure long-term preservation of your own teeth but in a case of a destructive tooth decay, we try to provide the most comfortable and painless removal.